Who We Are

BeastRob was founded in November 2015 to raise Colorectal Cancer Awareness. Living a fit and healthy lifestyle are the most crucial factors for preventing this devastating disease. We plan to incorporate fit and social events, in the communities at large, to promote awareness.

BeastRob was created in honor of the ultimate BEAST, Robert Neese Vinson, our co-founder’s father. He fought courageously against rectal cancer until he lost his battle in November 2008. He was diagnosed with stage IV rectal cancer at the age of 48 and die at age 50. He continued to work during his treatments and kept a positive attitude. Although he was in pain he never complained and always had hope that he would be cured.

Colorectal cancer is cancer that forms in the tissues of the rectum; more specifically, it forms in the last 5-6 inches of the large intestine closest to the anus. Colon and rectal cancers (colorectal cancer) are preventable cancers. Knowing the signs and symptoms of colon cancer or rectal cancer and understanding the risk may stop this cancer from happening.

Beginning at age 45 all adults need to undergo routine screening for colorectal cancer. African Americans face a slightly higher risk and need to be screened as soon as possible. Individuals with a family history of colorectal cancer should be screened earlier than age 45.

We at BeastRob know with the support of our community that we will beat this disease! Be like Rob. Be a BEAST and join the fight today!

Resources: ​Colonoscopy Awareness

If you need more information on colonoscopy testing contact us. If you need assistance or funding to obtain a colonoscopy, please click here to fill out an application. Applications are reviewed annually by our BEAST team.